Candy Bar

The candy bar , also called “sweet table ” or “desert table” is more than just a table with sweets.
It's very trendy, and you will love it.
It will be one of the key elements of your party decor, and who leave its marks to your guests.
Just imagine a beautiful colorful table, with a lot of candy boxes of any size and full of candies.

There will be something for everyone.
However do not forget to communicate your children's allergies or if you want specific candy for example.
Finally if the children are too small to eat candies, we can replace the candy bar by a sweet table with cupcakes, pieces of chocolate or biscuits…etc.

My vision

Your desires…

All candies of the Candy Bar need to be in the theme also.
Mana Event does not just fill the various candy box with candies bought in supermarkets, we do a real research of forms, colors and flavors.