balloon decoration


There is a right balloon for any occasion!
They are full all colors bright or pastel, but also of all sizes.
United, character and theme, latex , foil balloons and now even with LED light, the possibilities are endless thanks to our suppliers.

We can create a real decor from balloons.

Our color chart will allow you to choose the color (s)(s) perfect(s) for your event.


We offer you classic round balloon arches, organic balloon arch (unstructured) in columns and many more.

We can also deliver bouquets of balloons, personalized or not, for an original surprise!

Our balloons will be inflated with air or helium according to the desired effects.

We only use professional equipment to inflate the balloons and install the structures safely.


Mana Event only uses premium quality latex balloons 100% biodegradable.

We have also signed the PEBA charter Pro Environment Balloon Alliance.

PEBA members do not support, nor do they tolerate, nor facilitate the deliberate release of balloons.

Therefore, Mana Event will not drop balloons. All our helium balloons are ballasted with a weight to prevent them from flying.

My vision

Your desires…

There are never enough balloons at a party because they always delight toddlers and even older ones!
Often, they are true works of art when they are sculpted and structured according to the theme of your event.
You can take a look at our gallery for inspiration of what has been done and also follow us on Pinterest just here.
We only use premium quality balloons to make them last as long as possible on D-Day.

The ball brings an original touch to your decoration or it can be the centerpiece of your event.
In particular, it is an essential asset for gender reveal party for example.